The Royal Wedding Makeup Review

Everyone is talking about Meghan Markle's makeup from the Royal Wedding. While I do not make it a habit to bash another artist's work, I think it's
important to talk about why her wedding day look is beautiful, why it is not and how it influences the current makeup trends. 

image source: Getty Images

image source: Getty Images

Meghan Markle has a history of natural, minimal makeup looks. Occasionally she is seen with a rich, red lip and maybe a diffused definition to her eyes. However, there are always constants that we can count on: natural-looking skin with a cameo from her freckles, softly enhanced eyes and pinkish lip color. 
Until the royal event, I knew very little about Meghan, her career and even less about her typical makeup style. Because of that, I would like to think of my initial reaction (head cocked sideways, one eye squinted, with a confused, 'huh' pushing behind my breath) as a totally unbiased one. 

From what I have gathered, it seems like Meghan Markle and her makeup artist, Daniel Hart, have worked together for quite some time. That kind of relationship and trust is so important when choosing who is involved in your wedding day, and other major life events, regardless of whether or not they are doing your makeup. I am a bit surprised, though, that Daniel did not execute her wedding day look with a more refined attention to detail. 

Daniel Hart is very talented, as we would expect from any artist on The Wall Group roster. I respect him as someone who has worked very hard to achieve such a great, and admirable, level of success. I also expect a great deal of consistency and flawlessness from that same caliber of artist. Now.. let's get to the meat of it: 

I was absolutely underwhelmed by the newly crowned Duchess' look, to say the least.

image source: W Magazine

image source: W Magazine

Let me restate that I do not make it habit to degrade another artist's work. And I don't even feel like this is bashing Daniel's work so much as trying to process the reason behind his choices.  

Let's not undermine the fact that 1. Meghan Markle is far too beautiful for something like makeup to steal her radiance, 2. The wedding wasn't about her makeup, and 3. There is so much happening on the day of a wedding, that sometimes breathing takes concentrated focus. As a professional who has done full makeup in bathrooms, or on street corners, in under 7 minutes (you name it), the struggle is real. So, for that, let us give Daniel Hart a bit of a break. 

image source: Getty Images

image source: Getty Images

What We Loved

Her foundation was flawless. Meghan's freckles were definitely given a part in the show. She had just enough color in her face, to create a healthy flush, and accentuate her bone structure but nothing that separated her head from her body. Her lashes were wispy, flirty and soft. And honestly, that cheek color and lip combo could not have been more spot on. She definitely knows her colors and what she can handle. These are the qualities of a well-trained hand, that place product with intention. Take note Instagrammers. This is beauty. 

What We Didn't Love...

We could just stop here. Meghan is a babe, she has freckles, she looks great in pink . Boom. Done. But then, anyone could have thrown some strip lashes on her and called it a day. And Daniel Hart isn't just anyone! He has worked with Jessica Alba, he is at the top of the Dior Cosmetics team and represented by one of the most esteemed agencies. Yet, we saw gaps along her top waterline which separates her liner from her eyelashes. You see this at certain angles where she may have a slight crazy-eyed look. Her eyebrows appeared as if they were drawn on with a blunt-ended pencil. I would have loved to see a lightly feathered in brow that doesn't look so sharp and intense on her feminine features. Yes, her foundation was flawless, but her skin was dehydrated. So even though she looked good, the proper hydration would have made her look great.  Her under eye area, in particular, could have been - quite frankly, should have been - brightened up just a smidge so that she appeared refreshed on television, in photos or in person (even though she may have been exhausted.)

In my time as an artist, I have learned the hard way that these, seemingly, minute details all detract quite a bit from a final makeup. The compound effect, anyone?

Overall, I am relieved to see that Meghan's makeup was so natural. There was no high-beam highlight or heavy contour. Her lips were not overdrawn. She was the focus. 
I can definitely see mainstream trends picking up on similar looks as we move in to the Summer. Skin is always in! I encourage anyone to make that the focus of your every day look, and then try enhancing one other feature, whether that is your lips or your eyes, or (if you can pull it off) your eyebrows.

If you haven't subscribed, already, please do so! In my next blog, I talk about how you can pull off a natural makeup look as I mentioned above, including some tips for under-eye concealing.


Light and love,